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To understand God’s thoughts one must study statistics… the measure of his purpose-Florence Nightingale

Similarity between statistics and religions

In statistics, we are in search of a truth named “parameter” in an infinite target population and parameter is a single, fixed and constant yet unknown value. We can simply estimate it as “variable” of interest in our finite study sample.

In the same vein, every religion is also in search of an ultimate truth conveniently called “God” (parameter) who again is a single, constant and unknown force in whole universe. Such universal and divine force is depicted in different forms of “deities or incarnations” (variable) by finite number of followers in each religion.

Alpha and beta errors in marital life

A husband always ‘false positively’ doubts that her faithful wife has an extramarital affair. Thus, he is committing an ‘alpha error’ (probability of type I error). On the contrary, a faithful wife always ‘false negatively’ denies the fact that her husband has an extramarital affair. She, in fact, is a victim of ‘beta error’ (probability of type II error) in her thinking. In fact, marital life is always threatened by either of these two aforementioned errors. Former is definitely more
dangerous than latter. Be careful!!!