Research and thesis data analysis

It is not uncommon to find students or scholars getting stuck up in their post graduate or postdoctoral courses because of thesis or research related bottlenecks. Conspicuous among latter is statistical analysis of collected data. Despite carrying out cutting edge research, most students or investigators find statistical analysis quite enigmatic. There is a wide quality chasm in researcher’s understanding of practical versus statistical nuances of data.

The idea of research data analysis is that every study is likely to reject or not reject some hypothesis and latter necessitates distilling random variability (noise) from systematic change (signal). So the idea of statistical analysis does not imply a fatalistic outlook on study, according to which one’s study yields either positive or negative result. The real essence of the research and thesis data analysis is simply that one’s study will be reliable and valid if one is able to control statistical noise and avoid two common types of statistical errors. Latter entail alpha (false positive) and beta (false negative) errors. Therefore, goal of our services at is to make your research or thesis data more reliable and valid. We aim to offer a statistical environment in which a great diversity of research as well as analysis is sustained.