Conditions of Payment

Payment will be in two installments:


rtarrow Advance payment (25% of the Total Cost to be defined a first installment): First installment has to be paid upfront and will include charges for data cleaning, labeling and descriptive statistic outputs. Subsequent installment of payment has to be done only when you are satisfied with rigor and vigor of data cleaning and results of descriptive statistics.

rtarrow Final Payment (Remaining 75% of the Total Cost to be defined a second installment): Once second installment is paid, subsequent univariate and multivariate analysis results will be provided in next few weeks (as early as 2 weeks to as late as 8 weeks). No reimbursement of payment is allowed. Further charges/cost will be customized to the expectations of customers. After submission of data, subsequent addition of more patients or new primary variables will constitute fresh assignment and hence will exact additional costing. However, computation of new secondary variables from previously available variables will be excluded from extra costing.